aka stel, stelbelle
august 29th, 1994; twenty going on eighty-six • virgo
huntington beach, born & bred
peter + rose, brother, lainee. & xander {breakdown}
too shy to function + kinsey 1
sales assc. @ by the book
uc irvine: developmental psychology '16
aslan - goldendoodle & dinah - sphynx
istj-t, bookworm, candy addict, turtle, tea aficionado, movie adapation snob, couch potato extraordinaire, sailor scout, destroyer of burritos, netflix addict {+}
fatherpeter (b. 1965, 50)
motherrose (b. 1967, 48)
brotherstba (b. 1991, 24)
xander (b. 2004, 11) - suffers from moderate asperger's syndrome; obsessed with toy trains; to this day, stella is the only sibling that he'll allow to hug him. following his diagnosis, stella began volunteering with local autism awareness non-profit organizations. stella adopted her dog, aslan, because of the immediate bond that xander formed with him at the shelter.
sisterlainee (b. 1999, 16) - at sixteen, lainee is everything that stella has always wished she could be. outgoing, carefree, and athletic, stella frequently refers to her as "miss popularity".
the product of two very free spirits, stella has often wondered exactly how she came to be the result. her parents, peter and rose, have wandered through life in a carefree state, even through her younger brother's asperger diagnosis and multiple miscarriages, while she obsesses and nitpicks over the smallest of things. she loves both of her parents as much as is humanly possible but a part of her will always remain jealous of their anxiety-free outlook.

a second generation bibliophile, stella has been an admirer of literature for as long as she can remember. from obsessively reading dr. seuss as a child (and still as an adult, let's be real) to her parents introducing her to the classics at a young age, her appreciation for books has only grown as she has gotten older. they are undeniably her go-to when she is upset or needs a good chuckle to bring her out of a funk. while she may be attending college with eyes on the prize of a coveted psychology degree, her heart is set on taking over the family business from her parents one day and being around to help future generations cultivate a love of reading similar to her own.

looking at stella, or really the demir family in general, you wouldn't assume that they were, in fact, an upper middle class family by name. she has never been quick to admit that her father comes from money; the family has always preferred to focus on keeping the business afloat with a hefty savings account waiting in the wings should they get into trouble. only those closest to the family, including one or two of stella's most trusted friends know "the family secret."

began journaling at at age fourteen and still frequently does so. the stacks of notebooks in her closet contain everything from brags to cathartic ramblings to short stories. to this day, she has never let a single soul read anything contained inside those pages.

personality: stubborn and will dig her heels in until she feels that she has enough facts to be swayed in another direction. typically reserved the first few times she's around someone new until she knows that there is common ground. intimidated by large crowds unless someone is brave enough to take on the task of distracting her and helping her to settle in. has, on more than occasion, been forced to stutter her way through making new acquaintances because her limited social skills with strangers have failed her. once she gets to know someone, all filters go out the window and she's fairly bubbly, loud, and causes laughter more often than not. thanks to her shy nature, she doesn't take compliments very well and normally brushes them off believing that they're just being used to placate her and make her refrain from being so critical of herself and her actions. a very typical virgo, she very rarely discusses her feelings with someone else, and instead chooses to either let word vomit flow in the form of some cathartic journaling or lives in a state of denial where she convinces herself that her life is just peachy and she doesn't want to punch a pillow into submission. her anxious nature has led to a nervousness of the unknown; she prefers to have all the facts and make a detailed plan. needless to say, surprises of most sorts do not top any list for her.
{enjoys} books (physical copies preferred to ebooks) ✫ hot teas ✫ curling up on the couch with one or both of the aforementioned items ✫ any animal that could possibly be snuggled ✫ naps ✫ drinking hot cocoa even if it's 70 degrees out

{loathes} large crowds ✫ bugs ✫ bad movie adaptations